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I Am Better Than welcomes individuals, groups, businesses, schools and others to:

  • I Am Better Than ...Share your “Better Than Story”: Submit short blogs on your experiences on various obstacles you have faced and the positive ways that you have overcome or which you have helped others overcome in a positive manner (please no profanity or sexually explicit blogs – let’s keep it clean and positive). Show how you have been motivated to overcome an obstacle/ challenge or how you are/ have motivated others. Build your network with others across the country.
  • Show your “Better Than” Pride / Support for movements: We want individual and groups to have a cool way to express their passions on “movements” and areas to which they support (have been challenged, others they have helped through the challenges or simply “stand up for”). We have cool shirts that allow individuals and groups make a prideful statement in what you take a stand for, provide a unified message, and show what you “are better than”. We want you to share your individual and group photos and videos showing your accomplishments/ events of what you are “better than”. (Standout as each area of supporting shirt is unique – new ones added each month). For group/ large events you can have the option of adding your logo to the shirts to partner in the messaging. (See “Individual Support and Group Support) . Email your pictures and videos to: videopic@iambetterthan.net.
  • “Better Than” events in your area:  We want to hear about upcoming events taking place to where “I AM BETTER THAN…” mantra is integrated into your message to motivate others and create positive change.  (i.e. Fitness, Breast Cancer, Drinking & Driving, Diversity, Texting & Driving, etc).  Feel free to post the positive photos of the events to help promote the messages.

Note: Blogs, Photos, and Videos will be screened before being fully posted as to not have any explicit material. Please ensure you read and agree to the terms agreement.

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