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Coming Events

Coming EventsWe want you to advertise your Coming Events being held in your area that are in positive promotion of the group’s mission in obstacles that people face. We would like for you to use the IAMBETTERTHAN Mantra and Gear to help unite and spread the positive word on the mission. Please include:

  • Group Name:
  • Mission / Obstacle being addressed: (i.e. domestic violence, bullying, drinking & driving, etc).
  • Name of Event:
  • Location of Event (include City and State):
  • Date of Event:
  • Short description of the event (2-3 sentences):
  • Event Website:

Once the event has occurred, we encourage positive pictures/videos of the event with the IAMBETTERTHAN gear being shown sent in to post. (If not used, send anyway)

Again, all pics, posts, videos will be screened before posting to ensure the integrity of the terms of IAMBETTERTHAN.

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