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Buzz on …“I AM BETTER THAN…”

I AM BETTER THAN (IABT)… appreciates those who have been and are supporting of the mission. We encourage everyone to spread the word and participate.

We look to continue to provide a way for everyone to share their stories of challenges, goals, and how they are overcoming them positively.Jonah_timeout

IAMBETTERTHAN.NET likes to highlight people who are showcasing what they are “Better Than”. This week, we are highlighting Jonah, who is showcasing that he is “Better Than TIMEOUT”.  He is a great kid and is learning that “Timeout is a Choice”. He is also very handsome in the Timeout shirt. Please congratulate Jonah by posting comments on this site and/ or connecting on facebook and posting comments there as well.

“I AM BETTERT THAN…” provides a place where people can share their stories, request positive feedback to challenges, organizations can inform how they are positively impacting the obstacles faced and how they can help you,  as well as share event information. “I AM BETTER THAN…” also provides everyone a way to express themselves in a prideful manner by wearing “what they are better than…” with the IAMBETTERTHAN.NET GEAR. When “we” know better and do better, we become better.

It is the focus of the “I AM BETTER THAN…” team to ignite the passion and inspiration of others in the various obstacle areas, create the positive and honest discussions, to help motivate people to move past those obstacles, and to create the groundswell for people showing “what they are better than…” proudly.

Connect with us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/iam.betterthan.5 ) and “like” the IABT page.

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