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The Inspiration behind IABT


Inspiration behind “I AM BETTER THAN…”

The inspiration behind “I AM BETTER THAN…” stemmed from various realizations:The Inspiration behind IABT

  • As much as we are all different, we are all the same. With those common threads that bind us, we all face similar obstacles in life, want similar goals, and yet somehow believe that we are “in it alone”.



  • Experiencing various challenges and successes, as well as listening to others’ challenges and successes, brought the understanding that everyone has a story to share; however, there has been a challenge to bring those stories together in a positive manner to help others in their journeys.


  • Last, but not least, it was observing that there are many groups, organizations, and teams that have very common goals of creating positive change, responsibility, and accountability. However, with these organizations being spread out across the country, the goals may be the same, but the perceived messages may vary between groups. “I AM BETTER THAN…” can be the identifiable, “unified” mantra to help gel the missions and goals across the nation and globe.


“I AM BETTERT THAN…” was created to address these realizations positively and provide a place where people can share their stories, request positive feedback to challenges, organizations can how they are positively impacting the obstacles faced and how they can help you,  and organizations can share event information. “I AM BETTER THAN…” also provides everyone a way to express themselves in a prideful manner by wearing “what they are better than…” to create the understanding that when “we” know better and do better, we become better.  We want to bring everyone together to help each other overcome, celebrate, or address the obstacles, challenges, and goals they face in their life’s journey.

It is the focus of the “I AM BETTER THAN…” team to ignite the passion and inspiration of others in the various obstacle areas, create the positive and honest discussions, to help motivate people to move past those obstacles, and to create the groundswell for people showing “what they are better than…” proudly.

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